About the firm:

Sarthak as the name suggest is synonymous to success. Headed by architect Solomon Canara, this firm has dealt with a wide spectrum of architectural and interior projects since the past 27 years. That includes numerous residences, apartments, housing schemes and few recreational, religious and educational institutions also.

Through the years, the firm has shaped itself in accordance to the changing contemporary trends yet it is deeply enrooted in its design principles and its approach towards architecture.

Our philosophy:

We believe in tackling each project by approaching it in a holistic way. Every individual project brief is analysed and thereby translated in to a rationalized design solution through innovation and meticulous detailing creating a meaningful visual vocabulary which echoes its purpose. But at the same time we strive to create spaces that strike an intimate dialogue with the users which go beyond its function.

We try and create built spaces which encourage individuality as well as flexibility, abstract as well as relative, dynamism and grandeur as well as simplicity. Our projects are cohesive, conducive and communicative by taking into cognizance the climate, culture and context of the people, place and space.