Lusaka Hypermarket, South Africa

Gleaming amidst the clear blue sky, this bold angular building pronounces itself in Lusaka city of South Africa. This developing city has immense potential for new architecture which is constantly shaping its image. Hence, the main intention behind creating the form of this hypermarket was to infuse a sense of energy amidst the people coming there daily to buy house-old products.

The challenge here was to create an iconic building within a tight budget and with constraints such as usage of minimum material and lack of skilled labour. The design process of this building comprised of many iterations through physical models and 3d models.

The entire space for the hypermarket on the ground floor has minimal use of columns so as to help the people in viewing all the various sections together and assert a sense of homogeneity amidst the varying heights. This building stands as an energizing emblem for the people and has become a hotspot for community interaction and a space for recreation.

Location: Lusaka, South Africa

Client: Mr. Nitesh Chawla

Year of Completion: 2014

Project Type: Commercial

Area: 15,450 sq. ft.