This office is an ensemble of different departments - Pharma, machinery, Bio technology, S.E.Z. and software park. The Oriental outlook to the building is complimented by a naturally sound planning. This is achieved by incorporating screen walls and a central courtyard which lets in ample breeze and light.

The ground, first and the second floor have different interlinked activities. Hence, due to the presence of a central courtyard, all the departments get visually connected. The circulation happens only in the periphery of the central courtyard, from where all the individual offices can be accessed.

The courtyard is covered by a polycarbonate dome and through that, all the natural light pervades up to the ground floor. It also acts as a breathing space for the entire building. The screen wall prevents the internal walls from getting heated directly and the slits at their ends act as wind catchers. The interiors adorn a grand oriental outlook achieved by peculiar articulation of the different architectural elements and their finishes.

Location: Vadodara

Year of Completion: 2002

Project Type: Corporate

Area: 60,000 sq. ft.