One is greeted with open arms while entering this building. The generously wide steps make the entrance grander. At the same time, the stepped plantations make the experience humane. The larger portion of the complex is occupied by the T.A.M. media research centre alongside other smaller offices of belonging to different companies. Although there is a co-existence of many different offices, yet due there is a harmony in terms of the outlook of the building.

There is variety in the articulation of the materials and their expressions in the facade which make the experience of the users dynamic. Due to such a pertinent unison and variety, the image which one takes back from this building is of a definitive workspace. The interior spaces of each different office space correspond to their specific requirements. They are meticulously articulated to suit specific requirements. The shared spaces have been capitalized upon by making them dynamic so as to break free from the work environment.

Location: Vadodara

Client: T.A.M. Media Research

Year of Completion: 2010

Project Type: Corporate

Area: 31,000 sq. ft.