The concept for this church is to portray the upward journey from darkness to light; from a downtrodden state on earth to a throne in heaven. The challenge was to translate this emotion into a physical form.

Although the church is located at a corner and on a cross road, yet the design of the church takes advantage of this aspect. Due to the placement of the Bell tower at the corner, it is visible from all the various adjacent streets and it enhances the sense of place (i.e. a Christian locality). Although the core idea of the plan lies in the shape of a cross, yet due to the mezzanine level and the double height spaces the church becomes unique.

The murals are juxtaposed in the church so as to amalgamate the past and the present notions. The acoustic treatment is also minimally done and an artistic approach is taken towards its appearance, so as fuse with the church interior as a whole. Due to the glazing and the intermediate openings natural light and breeze are available in ample amount to all the floors. The light penetrating through the coloured glazing on the East side creates enigmatic patterns in the interiors.

Location: Maninagar, Ahmedabad

Client: Alliance Trust

Year of Completion: 2014

Project Type: Religious

Area: 12,650 sq. ft.