Amuzing Encounters

This house has a simplistic design with some extravagant tinges. Its layout was designed so as to make it unique as well as a humane living environment. The built form has been posed in the centre of the site emphasizing it in a huge site and it is engulfed by diverse forms of plantations. Each of these plantations correspond to their adjacent built spaces. This being a joint family house, the people staying in this house get their own private spaces with a healthy co-existence of shared spaces. These spaces are articulated in such a way that they encourage informal conversations and become spots for amusing encounters.

The formal approach towards the entrance of the house through the porch changes drastically as one moves ahead by intermittent pause points. These pause points are choreographed by intriguing vistas and staggered lateral movement. Intimacy and expansiveness are taken equal care of; since all the spaces open outside with enchanting views. This aspect gives the house a multifaceted outlook, a seamless feel while letting in natural breeze and light.

Location: Vadodara

Client: Mr. Chirag Shah

Year of Completion: 2011

Project Type: Residential

Area: 6,700 sq. ft.