These two villas, poised amidst the greenery other are shared by two brothers and their families. Adorning a Continental outlook, these contemporary houses are in similitude with each other. Both the houses resemble each other with respect to their planning and their outward appearance but the articulation of the interiors make them different.

The generously spacious interiors are adorned with lavish furniture and artefacts which complement the spaces. Ambient natural light penetrates from all the sides and makes the interior lively. The recessed, shaded verandahs and the balconies reduce the intensity of the harsh sun rays. They in turn become the dynamic spaces which bring the outside in to the houses. Even though minimal in expression, yet these houses their grandeur is pronounced in each and every spatial element.

Location: Rajpath club road, Ahmedabad

Client: Jaydeep Sinh Waghela

Year of Completion: 2017

Project Type: Residential

Area: 22,000 sq. ft.