Poised in a narrow street, is this massive, linear building, standing out from the clutter. The refurbishment of this house was a challenge, as the house was not to be demolished completely. At the same time, it was an opportunity to create something interesting and unconventional.

After a gruesome process of modifications and iterations, this glimmering house became a reality. Without looking at what was before, one can never fathom what it has become today. All the conventional, unappealing aspects in the house were tweaked, transformed and even transfigured in some places. Each and every element pronounces royalty and all of them are articulated and composed very meticulously.

All the rooms are different from each other thematically, but due to the earthy colours and their minimal nature, they all fit perfectly together like pieces of a puzzle. The attention to detailing, being the primary concern, furniture was handpicked and many were custom made and imported from renowned brands, making the house a lavish ensemble.

Location: Vadodara

Client: Mr. Yogesh

Year of Completion: 2019

Project Type: Residential

Area: 4620 sq. ft.