This jewellery showroom in Vadodara called for an amalgamation of grandeur of the jewellery and the interiors. The articulation of every different space and spatial elements is directed towards achieving this grandeur. The showroom pronounces its grandeur in each and every aspect. Every succeeding visual frame is an ensemble of many smaller, exquisite and shimmering details which were handpicked so that they would be in harmony with each other. Each different space is addressed differently whilst focussing on the aspect of grandeur.

Right from the Mother of Pearl inlay in the flooring to the stainless steel, brush finish columns to the gold leafing in the ceiling; every visual frame is choreographed to appeal to the magnificence of the jewellery which is displayed. The copper lining is articulated differently on different backdrops so as to accommodate the logo of the brand. In the entrance foyer, the logo is overlaid on the mirror finish glass and, on the wall, adjacent to the staircase it is like an enlarged screen overlaid on the wall. The sense of pride in buying the jewellery is encapsulated in the interiors of this showroom as well.

Location: Vadodara

Client: Jiten Choksi

Year of Completion: 2017

Project Type: Commercial

Area: 3,500 sq. ft.