This corporate office needed a facelift since it was built in the 1990's. Hence all the interior spaces needed to be refurbished while retaining the beauty of the form. The other consideration was to create a homogenous ambience in all the different spaces.

Every space has been approached differently, keeping in mind a common colour scheme, which induces a sense of harmony in the entire office. The light colour scheme creates a humane ambience and is not at all imposing. Even the furniture is handpicked to relate to the other spaces.

The environment created in every space corresponds to its own function. The conference rooms have been approached more formally whereas the cafeteria is more informal and quirkier. Due to the homogeneous interiors, the disparity of the different floors is not so prominent.

Location: Mithakali, Ahmedabad

Client: HDFC

Project Type: Corporate

Year of Completion: 2017