Located in the heart of Vadodara is this dynamic hub. The very concept of a health mall was an innovative and promising one. Hence, even the design needed to be refreshing and eye catching. Every space in this building fulfils this intention in a unique way.

Right from the staggered double height entrance, the wall murals and the confluence of the different materials create a vibrant atmosphere. This diversity is even reflected in each and every space inside the building also, breaking the notion of being trapped within four walls.

In the gym, the spaces correspond to the different mechanical equipment. The spinning bikes are situated in a space which is conducive for audio visual experience whereas the treadmills are in a well-lit, colourful double height space. The spa and the salon in the basement floor also sit very well in this mixed-use building.

Location: Vadodara

Year of Completion: 2007

Project Type: Recreational

Area: 13,500 sq. ft.