Juxtaposed in an exclusive gated community with elaborate oriental theme houses, this house also may look similar to its adjacent ones from the outside, yet the interior spaces tell a different tale altogether. The client wanted contemporary interiors, which would be a contrast to the outward appearance of the building.

Hence, right from the colour scheme to the furniture in each and every space is chosen accordingly, so as to adorn a contemporary outlook. A dark colour scheme is chosen for the living room which is seen through the mat finish grey walls, the glistening black furniture and the navy-blue carpet. The colour scheme changes considerably as one moves on to the dining and kitchen areas. Both the sides of the dining table overlook on the courtyards outside hence the entire spaces becomes ethereal. Thereby, the glossy white onyx table and the crisp P.U. finish kitchen cabinets and the island kitchen accentuate this feeling. On the other hand, the black Levanto marble flooring extends into the kitchen area also reducing the disparity between the living area, the dining and the kitchen. Thereby, there is a seamless flow of space between all the different spaces, when seen from the main entrance area.

On the upper levels, each room has been thematically customized so as to suit its users. The master bedroom has a very modest and elegant feel to it. Even the son’s bedroom has minimal colour scheme with some contrasting tinges. The guest bedroom also has an austere feel to it. The intermediate transition spaces such as the staircase, the study and the home theatre are the ones which add that extravagant edge to the house. All the spaces amount to a cosy and elegant living environment.

Location: Vadodara

Client: Mr. Divyesh Shah

Year of Completion: 2019

Project Type: Residential

Area: 5100 sq. ft.